Colchester Ridge Estate Winery

About Us

Colchester Ridge Estate Winery, or “CREW” as we are readily known, was established in 2001 by the husband and wife team of Bernie and Nancy Gorski.

The Gorski’s planted twelve acres of vinifera vines on their family land in 2001, produced their first vintage in 2004, and opened the shop in the red building behind the vineyard in 2006.  After years of continual growth led by product quality and personal hospitality, the Gorski’s proudly presented the new CREW Winery & Gallery as of November 1, 2019.

The name CREW didn’t necessarily come from a love of sailing, but is certainly a happy coincidence. Our name CREW is an acronym for Colchester (where we are) Ridge (for the ridge formed by the ice age as it passed through our region) Estate Winery, well, because we don’t grow Kale! 

One night, while drinking the first vintage of CREW Cabernet Merlot (2004) at the dining table, something clicked (as tends to happen with a great wine!). In a flash of inspiration Bernie and Nancy put together their acronym, CREW, with a sculpture of a sailboat  Bernie had purchased in BC in the 1980s. A napkin, a pen, and a few scribbles (and probably another glass or two) led to a sketch of the label we all recognize.

Other works of art have become part of the CREW identity, including Ports of Call, a diptych by Canadian Artist Brent Lynch, recently featured on our POSH and Meritage bottles. A focal point in our tasting bar is “All Together Now,” a metal sculpture by Giuseppe Palumbo featuring three dancing sheep. A visitor favourite, it symbolizes the celebration of being with your CREW, something we now value all the more.

From the vineyard to the winery to your table, each of our wines is unique and represents the experience and talent of each member of our CREW. Let us customize your experience and make your memories worthwhile as we welcome you to wine, dine and shop. Our small lineup of quality, VQA wines are approachable and fun, and best enjoyed on days ending in Y. Just like art, each wine creates its own experience and interpretation. So please, step aboard, and enjoy the journey with your CREW! 


Bernie & Nancy Gorski and the CREW Crew!

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