Colchester Ridge Estate Winery

Enjoy the Charm of Colchester Ridge Estate Winery & Gallery.
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Located at 108 County Road 50 East, Harrow.
CREW offers a unique blend of award winning wines, chef inspired cuisine and welcoming hospitality. Welcome to the CREW.

CREW Wine Shop
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Explore Our Collection: Dive into the diverse range of wines from the Lake Erie North Shore (LENS) appellation. Whether you're seeking a bold red or a crisp white, our online shop offers our full portfolio of wines.

Monthly Wine Pairing Dinners
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Dive into CREW's monthly dinner series, showcasing food and wine by the collaboration of Chef Vanessa and Winemaker Ryan.

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The Essence of CREW Winery & Gallery

Nestled in the heart of Colchester, CREW Winery is more than just a vineyard; it’s a testament to passion, artistry, and the pursuit of exceptional flavors. Founded in 2001 by the dynamic duo, Bernie and Nancy Gorski, CREW has grown from a dream into a destination where wine, art, and culinary delights converge.

Our Journey

The story of CREW began with twelve acres of vinifera vines, lovingly planted by the Gorski family. Our first vintage graced the world in 2004, and by 2006, we opened our doors to enthusiasts eager to experience our offerings. The evolution continued, and in 2019, we proudly unveiled the CREW Winery & Gallery, a fusion of our love for wine and art.

The Inspiration Behind CREW

While our name, CREW, stands for Colchester Ridge Estate Winery, it’s also a nod to the spirit of camaraderie and collective passion. One evening, over glasses of our inaugural Cabernet Merlot, inspiration struck. A sketch on a napkin, influenced by a sailboat sculpture and the essence of our location, became the iconic label that resonates with so many today.

A Gallery of Experiences

Art is an integral part of CREW. From the captivating “Ports of Call” diptych by Brent Lynch to the whimsical “All Together Now” sculpture by Giuseppe Palumbo, artistry is woven into our identity. Each piece, much like our wines, tells a story and invites interpretation.

From Vineyard to Table

Every bottle from CREW is a journey through the Lake Erie region’s unique terroir, reflecting the dedication of our team. Our wines, VQA-certified and crafted with care, are perfect for any occasion, especially those days ending in ‘Y’.

Dine, Wine, and Revel

Beyond our wines, CREW offers a culinary experience that complements our vintages. Our restaurant serves dishes crafted with the same passion and precision as our wines. And for those seeking unique pieces, our gallery showcases art that resonates with our ethos.

Join the CREW

We invite you to embark on a journey of flavors, art, and memories at CREW Winery & Gallery. Whether you’re sipping our wines, exploring our gallery, or savoring a meal, you’re not just a guest; you’re part of the CREW.
Cheers to the adventures ahead!

Bernie & Nancy Gorski and the entire CREW team.

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